Network Assessments & Security Reviews

South Anna Technology¬†provides network assessment services to clearly define the customer’s existing environment, understand the organization’s future requirements and develop a strategic plan that guarantees success. We guarantee that engaging South Anna Technology¬†for a network assessment will result in cost savings on future projects, reduced down time and provide the competitive advantage achieved by deploying cutting edge technology.

A network assessment allows the design team to effectively utilize existing infrastructure where possible and establish a plan to migrate existing infrastructure components to new technology with minimal impact to the user community. The assessment service also provides a four-year strategic plan to integrate future applications and infrastructure requirements while identifying the costs associated with the enhanced functionality. By gathering information such as topology, protocols, performance characteristics, network numbers, naming convention, equipment brands, revisions, models, network drawings, application information and management components this service will create a clear picture of the customer’s network while pointing out the need for performance improvements or migration to new technology. Since life cycles are rapidly shortening, the financial risk involved in making technology decisions has grown exponentially. We know that the best way to minimize this risk is to perform a network assessment prior to making a commitment to a particular technology or vendor.