Network Design & Implementation

South Anna Technology can help your business from implementing your first network to upgrading your existing network to take advantage of the latest Microsoft technologies including:

  • Review and evaluation of current operations and systems (network software, hardware, telecommunications)
  • Full network implementations
  • Design and testing of one-room to world-wide networks
  • Assistance in the selection of hardware and software
  • Implementation and installation of hardware, software and interconnecting networks
  • Custom design of multi-server web and database server pools
  • Server performance testing and evaluation
  • Full Citrix Server Farms with load balancing
  • Internet backbone and fail safe router design
  • Multi-city private WAN and secure VPNs
  • Custom router configurations
  • Individual customer application server design (database, mail, web, e-commerce)
  • Server Storage (Racks, etc.)
  • Computer facility design including:
    1. Power distribution systems (PDS)
    2. Un-interruptible power systems (UPS)
    3. Air Handling (HVAC)
    4. Fire suppression
    5. Access control
  • Large cable plants including:
    1. Central distribution frame
    2. Fiber distribution
    3. Patch bay and IDF design
    4. Desktop and floor cable distribution
    5. Plant capacity planning