What sets South Anna Technology apart is unsurpassed technology expertise, a rapid deployment capability, a strong business background and unparalleled success in helping organizations move through the barriers of technology transition. South Anna Technology provides comprehensive business technology solutions that meet and even exceed your expectations. We commit to finding and understanding the true business problem being addressed and then provide sound technology solutions that generate a significant and clear return on your investment. And we will do it at your pace, providing a smooth transition whether through a gradual evolution or a warp-speed leap over your competition. Our solutions will put you securely in control of your technology, your business and your future.

Our experience in providing total business technology solutions means that we are able to help our customers develop new applications and services, improve their time-to-market and ensure smooth interoperability of their front-office and back-office systems. As important, we help our clients improve their business processes and profitability by providing reliable, cost-effective technology solutions.

We can still see a forest, where you may be looking at trees. The exceptional range of industry experience cross-pollinated within South Anna Technology’s team environment often yields a completely new perspective or solution for your business. Our consultants are extensively screened and trained to balance technical know-how and business experience. We also insure they have strong communication skills, executive presence, business awareness and user sensitivity.

Customer service is our strength. Our full-service approach to information technology consulting allows us to respond to your special needs and requirements promptly. We’ll invest the time, up front and throughout our business relationship, to learn and understand your business needs and environment, product, services and challenges. This in-depth consulting approach, our knowledge of information technology, our real-world business experience and our extensive pool of professionals allow us to provide you with the consulting support you need when you need it.

Service Areas

South Anna Technology services fall into the following three major categories:

Business & Accounting Software Consulting

Software & Website Engineering

  • Implementation Methodology
  • Software Support
  • Business Consulting
  • Business Reporting
  • Customization & Enhancements
  • Project Management
  • Development & Methodology
  • Business Systems Analysis
  • Report Writing & Decision Support Systems
  • Website Development & Deployment