Implementation Methodology

At South Anna Technology, we provide full software implementation services needed for the successful installation of all the products we sell. From our business applications to our network applications, we promise our services will make your implementation a success. We also work very hard at managing your implementation to make sure your project stays on time and under budget.

The minute you start working with South Anna Technology, you will appreciate our distinct angle on providing solutions. We call it the total solution management approach. It has earned us the reputation for delivering effective answers for every business technology need. We take the time to listen to you, determine your requirements and provide you with the most effective solution possible. Once we start a project, South Anna Technology seeks to thoroughly understand your business objectives, current processes and project requirements. Through regular meetings and updates we work with you to deliver the most effective, and cost-effective solutions to meet the challenges of your organization. We identify your requirements and then we over-deliver on those requirements. South Anna Technology’s solutions focus specifically on increasing market competitiveness, improving client business productivity and providing total project management from the front to the back office.

Areas & Steps

Our software services cycle follows strict steps, which we find provides practically a 100% success rate for our clients:


  • Understand the client’s core business
  • Understand the client’s IT environment


  • Identify business problems and infrastructure challenges


  • Propose a business solution to meet challenges
  • Define scope of work
  • Map project milestones and success criteria
  • Document the environment (current and desired)
  • Develop full project plan with schedules and staffing needs
  • Communicate plans to project managers and end users
  • Conduct internal training


  • Test the system where applicable


  • Install hardware
  • Install software
  • Implement software


  • Train team leaders and performance teams
  • Train customer’s users


  • Measure results
  • Provide timely reports and conduct meetings


  • Provide support to client and its end users