Project Management

Our Project Management Skills

South Anna Technology’s project management approach starts with the Rational Unified Process (RUP), which we extend and customize based on our real-world experience and our knowledge of the latest industry standards. This approach emphasizes iterative development: a phased delivery that breaks a project and its deliverables into small, manageable parts, “iterations”, so we are able to incorporate your feedback at each step. Such an incremental approach to development reduces risk, avoids unnecessary functionality and provides the flexibility to keep up with changing business requirements.

Iterative development is only one component of our project management approach. We are always refining our skills across all areas of project management, including requirements management, visual modeling, early estimation, early risk identification and risk management and ongoing supervision of project resources.

Tailored Project Management

Solid project management is critical to ensuring the success of any project. South Anna Technology has developed project management expertise that assures that your business solution is the most important project goal. The benefits to you are clear: our approach affords you the security to know where your projects are and have the control to get your projects where you want them to be.

Project Management Tailored to Fit Your Needs

Strong project management skills are only part of the story – South Anna Technology also believes that our project management approach must be tailored to fit your unique needs. We start by concentrating on your project goals, organizational culture and existing processes, we look for ways to complement your present environment.

South Anna Technology then uses its experience to select the best combination of techniques to fit your needs. But our expertise is not limited to methodologies that are already established; South Anna Technology’ project managers have the skill and confidence to innovate new project management techniques in a direction to maximize your value.