Development & Methodology

The strength of our methodology is the speed and accuracy with which we deliver. To speed development, steps are often overlapped to continuously hone requirements, design and code. Our methodology includes storyboards, rapid application development (RAD), architectural blueprints, vertical RAD and project management/quality assurance.

The Human-Computer Interface

The ultimate success of any system developed is in majority dependent upon both the underlying business process design and the actual human-computer interface the users must utilize. If the application isn’t user-friendly, your users won’t use it. We extensively plan, implement and test systems to support your users’ needs. Human interface factors are given high priority, and the latest ergonomic designs are incorporated into all systems we engineer.

Areas & Tasks


  • Define the overall goal and objectives
  • System/Process Assessment
  • Review ROI
  • Develop a budget estimate
  • Establish a project schedule
  • Define the team

Functional Specifications

  • Document the overall and sub processes
  • Use process decomposition methods to evaluate what needs to be developed, redesigned or eliminated
  • Research and develop a detailed system description, hardware and software
  • Determine an implementation method
  • Develop acceptance test plans and procedures

System Development

  • Diagram system architecture
  • Generate overall hardware diagrams
  • Order hardware and software
  • Configure hardware

Integration Testing

  • Perform full system test including hardware and software
  • Execute test plans

Acceptance Testing

  • Develop simulations to demonstrate system functionality
  • Perform demonstrations for customer approval
  • Complete any necessary final updates
  • Parallel testing

Site Implementation

  • Supervise Hardware installation
  • Perform site startup and system tuning
  • Complete system acceptance testing based on specification agreed to earlier
  • Provide customer training for operations, maintenance and administration


  • Provide comprehensive support materials including: help files, manuals, schematics, data sheets and diagrams

Training and Turnover

  • Complete customer training programs for operation, maintenance and administration
  • Turn product over to client hands

Product Management

  • Scheduling of all start-up activities
  • Coordinate hardware installation
  • Project status reporting
  • Periodic project team meetings
  • Project Reviews