Software Support

Regardless of how sophisticated and well designed your computer architecture is, problems can and do occur. They can be as simple as a printer malfunction or as debilitating as a network crash. When there is a problem, you need a comprehensive solution, and you need it fast.

Our reputation of quality customer support precedes us. We are the best of the best in providing customer service for business technology products and solutions, because we customize our support to meet the individual needs of each client.

We offer standard support plans for all our products and solutions. These standard support plans can be either on-call as needed, pre-paid blocks of time, monthly fee, monthly fixed fee or dedicated onsite support. The guaranteed response times vary depending on your needs. We often provide immediate support for all of our clients, but if you desire, you can have guaranteed immediate response times to all of your business software support needs when problems arise if that is the level your business model dictates. The point being, we will customize South Anna Technology’ support to your needs, not the other way around.

We also provide multiple channels of support to clients. The different offerings include telephone support, remote support, Internet support and onsite support. We use the channels you desire, but we also choose the fastest and most cost effective method depending on the problem you are experiencing.

South Anna Technology takes pride in providing fantastic support in an industry that rarely provides direct support from resellers. Give South Anna Technology a chance to show you how you can benefit from our strong customer support focus.