Website Development & Deployment

As part of our Internet application development and eCommerce services, South Anna Technology is dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction by partnering with our clients to conceive, design and implement real-world business solutions in today’s web based world. South Anna Technology can help your business gain a technical advantage over the competition.

South Anna Technology is also one of the only technology consulting companies in the Richmond area that owns and operates its own Internet hosting facility. This allows us to be able to provide a total turnkey solution without having to deal with another vendor. We have proven that problems can be corrected and new systems can be deployed faster and less expensively because we have full control of all network aspects.

South Anna Technology specializes in helping organizations create, develop and maintain dynamic Internet and Intranet sites. South Anna Technology has a talented group of web developers that utilize current web standards such as DHTML, XML/XSL, ASP, ASP.NET, Visual Studio .NET, Java and more to create first class websites. South Anna Technology utilizes the latest Internet/Intranet technology provided by Microsoft.

Web Design and Development Team

South Anna Technology’s Web Design and Development Team can also help you in developing a total Internet presence. Our highly skilled team of web designers, graphic artists, web programmers and site promotional strategists work together to achieve a common goal. That goal is to develop professional quality web sites that help to grow your business.

We deliver Internet engineering services that combine our thoughtful content analysis capabilities and our strong roots in the information technology industry with the talents of exceptional graphic artists. Our services encompass web site analysis, content analysis and maintenance, graphical design, web site development and administration, web server installation and maintenance, web site hosting, web-enabled data structures and technology research.

By working closely with our other staff consultants in network integration, collaboration technologies and client/server software development, our Internet/Intranet group provides the following services:

Database Design & Implementation

South Anna Technology offers high-level database design consulting in addition to our software development. Our database designers assist in building normalized database tables, structures and other designs to maximize performance capabilities of database products. We design the databases to optimize performance between server side processing and client side processing. We also put heavy emphasis on balancing normalization with OLTP (online transaction processing) speed. We utilize all of the tools at our disposal: Indexes, Triggers, Procedures, T-SQL, Defaults and more. Our database consultants also provide high-level design support to all of our application developers. In addition, after designing your database, we can implement the database design into live physical Microsoft SQL Server or Microsoft Access database.

E-Mail and Collaboration Development

E-mail and collaboration complements client/server software application development by expanding the ability to track, organize and share critical information across organizational and geographical boundaries. Using Microsoft Exchange Server and Outlook, our consultants develop a wide variety of applications to automate processes for specific groups within an organization. In addition, we provide administrative support for configuring and maintaining Exchange infrastructures. Our collaboration technology team also has a strong background in network operating systems, protocol configuration and implementation to insure smooth implementation.